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6 dec 2022 om 7:09 Die garlic naan hier is zo lekker.
3 dec 2022 om 18:13 Lekker en grote porties
1 dec 2022 om 20:15 Spicy
28 nov 2022 om 0:17 I had to wait two hours for my order. When I called the restaurant, they didn’t picked up the phone. When the food arrived, the food was already cold. I never had a worse experience with this restaurant till today.
27 nov 2022 om 14:59 Love the food, reminds me of my country.
26 nov 2022 om 20:35 Economical, love the quanity and quality. Never disappointed
25 nov 2022 om 21:03 Bestelling komt niet compleet aan.
23 nov 2022 om 16:57 Always the best of ROTTERDAM.
22 nov 2022 om 20:34 Eten is heerlijk. Snel bezorgd en vriendelijke bezorger.
22 nov 2022 om 19:21 I was very disappointed with the palak paneer. It’s my favorite dish so I’ve tried it from various restaurants but this was under all criticism. I had to take out the water from the dish with a spoon. It tasted nothing but frozen spinach.